Architecture / Engineering

The investment in partnerships with experts in the field of architecture and engineering is  an essential factor of our quality/price ratio. With our architectural services,  customer satisfaction is guaranteed from the start.

We form a multidisciplinary team, which has continually been building its skills, carrying out every project , however big or small, with the same commitment, following the whole project through, from  the  survey, through licensing and execution, to the selection and placement of furniture and decorative elements that give ultimate comfort to the projected spaces.

We believe that each project brings together a number of characteristics and constraints that result in a single customized project. So we tailor each intervention for each specific situation and each client. We have carried out  projects in Architecture and Interiors, of different types: residential, commercial, services, health, ...

Using a contemporary language, with strong environmental, energy and economic concerns, and never forgetting the legal constraints with which we must comply, we always seek for solutions that ensure a  construction of quality, while at the same time based on a thorough study that allows us to minimize both the cost of the initial investment and  of the  subsequent upkeep.

We believe in simple solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality.
The work is developed in phases / stages, each with its own specificities. This demands a rigorous working method so that we can give a satisfactory answer at each of the phases.



Among the services implicit in our method of work we can highlight the following:


Formalization of  the different stages of architectural design / engineering projects

  • Surveying;
  • Basic program;
  • Previous study;
  • Licensing project ( project design and architecture of the specialties in order to obtain a building permit);
  • Landscaping project;
  • Project implementation (in which we produce the written  and drawn parts which will serve as a basis for the budgeting of the work and during the execution.
  • Measurement and budgeting of the project (based on Execution project and specifications);
  • Monitoring of the work (ensuring respect for approved projects and the proper execution of the work, and making any minor adjustments to the project that may prove necessary).
  • Energy certification (statement of regulatory compliance (DCR) and energy certificate (EC).

Management and coordination between the various entities involved in the development of processes

  • Relationship with town councils or other entities to be consulted in the development of projects;Coordination and interaction with experts from various specialties involved in the process (stability, networks and installations, electrical engineering, ...), thus ensuring harmony between the architectural design and specialty projects;
  • Contact with suppliers and manufacturers of the materials to be used in the work , to ensure their correct application and consequently  their durability.

Experimentation and Innovation

  • recourse to the  simplification of  procedures for cost reduction, contradicting the idea that good architecture is always expensive;
  • adoption of the right construction solutions and materials , with a view to obtaining  good thermal behaviour;
  • the search for new materials and constructive solutions;
  • Care with environmental performance and energy building over time.