The Company

Taiponte Construções  Lda is  a  company providing services in the construction sector, with license No. 31769, issued by INCI, and CAE No. 41200 (construction of residential and non-residential buildings).

Created in 1996, the company counts on a differentiated and specialized team that always strives for excellence.

Over eighteen years, the company has consolidated its market position and extended the types of services it offers through partnerships it has developed.
Our main office in Taipas, offers a welcoming environment, where our customers can always contact us. Since its foundation Taiponte has opted for the constant search of new challenges, at the same time as continuing to successfully expand the business. This is reflected in the recognition it has received as a benchmark in its field,  creating loyal business partners and customers. This trust has permitted that over these eighteen years our field of expertise covers  a wide range of services that translate into profitability and convenience for our customers and prospective customers.

We have and put at the disposal of the customer services of construction, architecture, engineering, surveying….
The future lies, above all, in the commitment to quality, rigorous standards in the  service provided, and customer satisfaction, thus ensuring  the closeness and trust that will ensure the continuous growth of the company.


Our main motivations are:

  • Customer focus, through an efficient service, tailored to our customers’ requests  with a view to obtaining a higher degree of customer satisfaction;
  • Continual  investment in the improvement of our employees’ skills and capacities, contributing to their professional and personal development;
  • Fostering  a healthy and safe working environment for all who work with us, thus avoiding any injury to people or damage to facilities that might result from the carrying out of our work.


Distinctive values:

The culture of  the organization

  • The values with which the company operates (quality, rigour, integrity ...);
  • good working conditions offered to employees, triggering their motivation and dedication to the various projects of the company;
  • the relationships we develop with the various  stakeholders in the process, whether with customers, the technical staff of the  multidisciplinary teams, or suppliers.

Company premises

  • The available space allows us to work in a comfortable  and quiet environment; with the confidentiality that the world of business demands.

Quality  of Procedures

  • Rigour  and integrity in the type of services provided throughout the development  of the projects;
  • Zeal for the interests of customers;
  • Solutions which guarantee quality construction with cost control. Sustainability is a theme that accompanies us in the development of all projects;
  • Ability to coordinate and respond satisfactorily to the needs of each client, whether in the area of  construction or  architecture, in one place.   

Quality confirmed by the satisfaction of the various stakeholders:

  • clients;
  • interdisciplinary technical teams that collaborate with us;
  • Suppliers / manufacturers.