Taiponte is a company providing services in the construction SECTOR, which has established a solid reputation in the construction market.  Eighteen years of experience in this business are reflected in an extensive and diverse portfolio of projects and clients. We measure, budget, design, build and remodel with the guarantee of quality.

When choosing the best construction process, and selecting materials, and taking into account quality standards, we offer the best solution and value for money in our tenders.
As the work we have done has become more diverse and on a larger scale, we have expanded our range of expertise and honed our skills, allowing us to respond to an increasing number of situations.

Among the services we provide we can cite the following:

  • Construction of houses / buildings from scratch;
  • Remodelling of buildings (interior and exterior);
  • Works of repair / renovation of properties;
  • Repairs (various repairs: roofing, application of insulation and waterproofing systems, drainage networks and other infrastructures,);
  • Application of the system designated "capotto" (improvement in comfort and reduction of  costs with  heating / cooling).
  • Enclosure walls;
  • Earthmoving;
  • Consulting services (critical analysis and advice for clients with a view to  making the most of their investments);
If you wish to build a property, or simply remodel / renovate, we are available to advise you and to become a partner who facilitates your work and guides you in the  adoption of solutions  more  in tune with your wishes / needs.
We build with YOU in mind ...